Friday, June 11, 2010

Poetry from Baḥya

And if you do not grant me grace and forgive my transgression,
to whom shall I lift my eye?
If a master does not have compassion upon his servant and
forgive his guilt
To whom can he cry other than his master?...
Whither shall I go away from your spirit, and whither shall I flee?
If I go up to heaven, there you are; if I go down to Sheol, there
you are.
Therefore, from you to you I shall turn (mimkha elekha asurah)
From before you to you I shall flee (minegdekha `alekha evraḥah)
From your judgment to your mercy I run
From your quality of judgment to your quality of mercy I shall take refuge.

- Baḥya ibn Paqudah

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