Thursday, October 21, 2010

Palestinian Muslims are Talmūdically Gerei Tōshav

The Torah does NOT support the idea that only Jews can live in Eretz Yisrael and it COMMANDS many times that the ger tōshav be respected and protected therein. Avōdah Zarah 64b indicates that a one fulfilling the Noachid commandments, and thus a Muslim, should be considered a ger tōshav. Oppressing Palestinians in any way is a violation of the Torah and thus Judaism.

Avōdah Zarah 65a indicates that gerei tōshav need not be formalized before a Beyt Dīn, but can be informal; lest anyone try to suggest that their status as gerei tōshav needs to be formally professed before rabbis. In either event, we know that the tenants of the Qur'ān mandate the Noachid laws and thus, by professing Islām, they are professing to be gerei tōshav, and secondarily, 65a makes it clear that this is not even an issue. Simply by professing to follow the tenants of the Qur'ān, the Palestinian Muslim is Talmūdically granted the status of ger tōshav.

It is time for Israel to truly become a Jewish State and recognize the rights of the gerei tōshav.


  1. This is on the condition that they accept Jewish sovereignty over the Land. Do you think that if the State of Israel were to truly become Jewish in its' policies, that the Muslims here would respect them more? I think some would... but I know no reason to think that the majority would.

    Regardless, what rights are being with-held from the Muslim citizens of the State of Israel?

  2. Well there are numerous issues here:

    A legitimate Jewish government before Mashiach is not Talmudically permissible. This does not invalidate Jewish `aliyah to Eretz Yisrael before then, but the notion that a government could emerge before Mashiach and truly be Jewish is refuted by the rabbis. This is why we see that the State purporting to be "Jewish" is in many ways giving the Jewish people a bad name. It should not claim to represent Judaism just as America should not claim to represent Christianity.

    There are numerous reports on rights of Muslims in Eretz Yisrael, under Israeli occupation being violated. Just this past week, even in the territory of the political State of Israel, we see that after numerous building permits were denied to Arabs to build a Mosque on their own property, this house of worship of the One God was destroyed by the Israeli government. Could you imagine any of the prophets doing such a thing when an indigenous people had to petition and were denied permission to build a house of worship of the God of the Torah?

    Finally, yes i do believe that had the State of Israel truly held to the Torah and the Talmud and allowed Palestinians who fled their homes in a time of war to return when the fighting was over - Palestinians who obviously had no interest in killing Jews - then any opposition to Jewish presence in the land would have dissolved (as it was previously restricted to the Muftis faction and was opposed by Palestinians in "every family" according to historical sources. See the "New Israel" section of articles on for more details IY"H.